Over the years NNUC has grown to become a trusted partner of customers operating in a variety of commercial environments. Our involvement in the commercial sector ranges across a complete spectrum of projects including offices, schools, retail, corporate headquarters and showrooms.


Working with clients in this highly competitive sector, NNUC has been pronounced in providing the highest quality finishes by utilising and integrating its vast multi-skilled labour and valuable network of local and international sub-contractors and suppliers.
We ensure successful project completion by collaborating and working closely with our clients, architects, designers, consultants, and project management team.


At NNUC We honour our commitments and ensure the interests of our clients are continually met throughout the lifecycle of the project. Whether it’s a small, medium or large project, at NNUC we ensure everyone is dedicated and committed to the outcome of the project from the start to the finish. We have a great track record in delivering projects by coordinating the efforts of all parties involved and allowing our clients to focus on their core business operations.