As a company seeking to advance, develop and excel in the market we recognize that sustainable business development extends beyond achieving financial results and includes the wider responsibilities we have towards the social, economic and environmental impacts caused by our business activities.

Our responsibilities of Building in SEQUENCE:


At NNUC we recognize our legal and moral responsibilities towards the health, safety and welfare of our employees, clients, subcontractors, pass byres and all others that may be affected by our work activities. We aim to eliminate all work accidents through prior planning to identify hazards and risk and create safe and healthy working environment.


We have a continued commitment to our employees and realise the success of our business is directly related to attracting, developing and retaining the finest individuals. We aim to achieve this by providing our employees with rewarding careers that offer safe working conditions, healthy living environment, above industry-average salaries, large bonuses, training and fair and equitable treatment that allows everyone to reach their full potential.


Quality is the key to sustaining long-term relationships with our clients and gaining repeat business. At NNUC we have a responsibility in delivering projects and services to the highest standards of quality that meet and exceed clients’ expectations by:

• Planning to identify and asses all project parameters and risks involved.
• Conforming to all work designs, specifications, procedures, time and cost constraints
• Performing works right the first time and eliminating defects and re-work.
• Leading by example through the activities of upper management.
• Educating all stakeholders and ensure everyone has the right attitude towards the importance of quality.


We have a responsibility in ensuring full awareness and understanding of the projects at hand and all activities involved including amongst other things the parameters, restrictions, specifications, drawings, risks and needs and requirements of all stakeholders. At NNUC we have the capabilities, resources and core competences necessary to satisfy the requirements of the biggest and smallest projects. Our vast experience coupled with our multi-skilled multinational staff, immense in-house capabilities and well established networks provide us with the organisational knowledge needed to tackle the most sophisticated projects.


At NNUC we recognise our responsibility extends beyond conducting our business in a professional and ethical manner but must also consider the environmental impacts incurred as a result of our business activities. Our overall goal is to enhance our operational efficiency in better managing and preventing environmental harm by educating our employees, minimising waste, sustainable use of resources and responsible sourcing of suppliers and materials. We continually seek to work in partnership with organisations that provide products that are environmentally friendly, recycled or reduce solar heat gain


Satisfying the needs and requirements of all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the project is the key to ensuring overall project success. All stakeholders being clients, consultants, architects, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and others have various technical or personal information and communication needs, wants and interests that require identifying, facilitating and fulfilling. We have a unique approach that is both personal and professional in dealing with all people as we respect the individualistic needs of each person.


NNUC’s future relies on gaining the trust of its customers. Sustaining success is dependant on their loyalty and our ability in meeting their short and long term needs. Our aim is to work in partnerships with our customers and have a responsibility in ensuring their interests are continually met by providing services and products that exceed their expectations. We have an open relationship with our client’s facilitated through open two way communication that is both professional and personal that has enabled NUC to become their trusted and reliable long term contractor.


As a responsible organisation, NNUC recognises its obligation to set and uphold the highest standards of ethics, integrity, honesty, fairness and professionalism in all our business activities, without exception and at all times. At NNUC our reputation thrives from the respect and trust we earn from our stakeholders through our commitment towards ethical business conduct forever embedded in our culture and core corporate values. We value this trust by ensuring every employee and director acts in a morally acceptable manner in all our daily business operations and understand the integrity of the construction process is as important as achieving the end result.