NNUC is the agent of Fellert in Kuwait. Fellert is all about innovative acoustical solutions with market-leading technology and green properties. Everything is developed in Sweden, but is available globally and now for the first time available in Kuwait.

Fellert’s superior acoustical ceiling and wall systems allows us to unify design and acoustics, eliminating unnecessary compromises in the design process and making things simpler for all concerned, from architects and installers to end-users. A product that carries the Even Better name brings together design and acoustics in the best possible manner, and with full compatibility among all other Even Better products. No compromises, no special adaptations; quicker, easier, better.

It’s all about complete freedom of design. There is no upper limit for how large a surface may be in a single section without visible seams. These designer cellings can be installed on flat or vaulted surfaces in any NCS/RAL color and any texture from extremely smooth to rough or customized to your design. Spellbinding discussion in a packed restaurant, combine Machiavellian ceiling heights with marble floors in a conference room or design a mosque with space for 10,000 worshipers and still have a world-class acoustical environment. Impossible you say. All in a day’s work, we say.

Now, Fellert’s ingenious products and solutions can be installed by NNUC trained installers to ensure both function and esthetic qualities.