Designed to withstand high wind loads and automatically retract

Each SeaShell Awning is made of high strength recycled 6061 T-6 aluminum that is extruded and powder coated to meet ASTM D3451-06 standards. When wind speeds reach 37 mph, our patented MagnaLOC® system separates and allows the SeaShell Awning to retract and lock securely against its mounts in 3 seconds. This is all done without expensive electronics or slow moving motors

Durable and waterproof PVC coated Dacron sail material

Similar to what can be found on high-end sailing yachts, we use only the best sail material. The SeaShell unit consists of several separate sail panels which can be replaced at minimal cost if damaged. Each panel moves independently at high wind loads minimizing the overall stress on the unit and allowing it to withstand extreme wind loads. Our sail material is UV resistant, anti-microbial, flame resistant (BS 7837, CA T-19, NFP 92507) and finished with a non-stick surface to allow for easy cleaning

Marine grade hardware

All our pulleys, screws and bushings are made of corrosion resistant marine grade materials such as Stainless Steel and Brass pulled straight from the marine industry. Our pulleys ride on ball bearing tracks to stand up to a lifetime of use and the pivot points ride on solid brass bushings. The compression poles which distribute weight and stress back to the mounting bracket are made of high quality stainless steel that is powder coated to seamlessly match the rest of the unit.

Numerous mounting options and flexibility

Whether you are mounting the unit to a flat wall, tile roof, shake shingles or stand-alone on a pole, the SeaShell Radial Awning provides unmatched flexibility to seamlessly integrate into the architecture of your structure.

5 year warranty

We stand behind our product as the leader in long lasting retractable awnings. Since its inception in 1998, the SeaShell awning has been continuously improved and perfected. We are proud to say that the original awnings installed 10 years ago in Australia are still functioning just as the day they were first installed. That is why we provide a 5 year warranty with each SeaShell Product